Siemens SGT200 Gas Generator


Serial number              : RT128

Rating                          : 6.45 Mw as a single shaft unit | 9170 BHP as a twin shaft unit.

Fuel                             : Gas fuel

Combustion                 : conventional combustion

Condition                     : 6000 Hours operated since “C” type overhaul

General description

This unit was inspected and overhauled to OEM standard, and has operated 6000 hours reliable since overhaul. It has been replaced due to a DLE retrofit of the installation.

The following items were at least replaced during the C type inspection:

  • Fully overhauled and newly coated compressor rotor assembly
  • New CT 1 rotor blades
  • New CT1 rotor disc
  • New CT 2 Rotor blades
  • New CT2 rotor disc
  • CT1 carrier
  • CT2 stator segments
  • Flame tubes and transition ducts suitable for normal inspection interval

All other  components were inspected to be suitable for a full 54.000 fired hours operating cycles when maintained to the OEM standards.

Documentation of above overhaul available