Siemens SGT200-1S Gasturbine Generator set.

Siemens SGT200-1S Gasturbine Generator set.


Rating                                      : 6.75 Mw ( zero loss)

Fuel                                           : Gas fuel

Combustion                        : DLE combustion, low emission


General   S O L D

This unit is installed in a factory in the south of the Netherlands, and has operated reliably for many years.

Due to changes in production and energy requirements the unit has become surplus to the production of the plant.

Scope of supply.

Complete gas turbine package, including:

–        Gas turbine skid

–        Generator skid

–        Acoustic enclosure over gas turbine

–        Ventilation air inlet end outlet system

–        Combustion air inlet filter Donaldson

–        Air inlet ducting

–        Gas fuel system

–        Lubricating oil

–        Air blast oil cooler

–        MKII Rustronics controls system

–        Bently Nevada vibration monitoring

–        GEC Unilec 10 KV 50 Hz generator

–        Cooling air inlet and outlet ducting for generator

History of this unit.

The unit has been installed in 1990 and always been maintained by OEM maintenance personal.

The unit has been upgraded to Dry Low Emissions in 2004 by  means of a OEM retrofit.

The currently installed gas generator and power turbine has operated only 900 hours since the last full “B” type inspection and is suitable for a further 24.000 running hours before the next ‘C” type inspection is planned.

The currently installed power turbine has operated 36.000 hours and the rotating assembly is suitable for a further 80.000 hours before exchanging.

All maintenance records available.


Expected performance data at ISO conditions and see level.

Asumptions :     100 mm WG inlet loss

175 mm WG exhaust loss

Inlet Temp C          -10.0    0.0   10.0   15.0   20.0   30.0

Output Power kW        7250   7157   6698   6472   6227   5761

Heat Input kW         22900  22643  21634  21121  20590  19582

Exhaust Flow kg/s     31.46  30.53  29.50  28.96  28.38  27.20

Exhaust Temp. C         444    461    468    471    475    483